March 15-17, 2013 Cleveland IX Piston Powered Autorama

2013 Autorama (5)

Our Booth, Staff and Trophy Winners

WOW!!! What a great show!!!! Just like the old days at Public Hall.  The collection of piston powered cars, boats, trucks, bikes, planes, equipment and much more adorned the entire IX Center.  Attendance was superb with the parking lots full. Tuesday and Wednesday were move in days for us, setting up our booth, making arrangments for the greatest exposure.  After rearranging things a couple times, we finally got it right and it seemed to make a big hit.  Our booth consisted of a 1955 Cadillac (owned by Tom & Barb Gilday), a 1956 Olds 88 (owned by John & Maggie Gergely), and a 1936 Plymouth (restoration in process owned by Larry Brown).  Many other antiquated objects were scattered throughout the booth, a Chrysler 383 Cross-Ram engine sat in one corner and many, many pictures of projects we have done.  We wish to say “Thank you” to our many customers who stopped by to say hello as well as to those who inquired about our services for their restoration projects.  If you were not able to attend this year, consider next year’s show, as it can only get better. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of the great exhibits.


About semeandson

Seme and Son is a family-owned business located in Euclid, Ohio. For 42 years, they've specialized in auto restoration and engine rebuilding.
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